Friday, December 31, 2010

A White Thanksgiving???

I Know I've been lacking in the blogging department you don't have to tell me.  So here they are! The long awaited pictures from my parent's visit to spokane for Thanksgiving!  Never in my life would I, or my Mother, ever dream of having a White Thanksgiving!
Oh Happy White Thanksgiving!  Mom has her eyes closed because she is thinking "Warm Thoughts"...

Chad and I were escorting Mom because She had already falling in the snow once that day.  Although I don't know why I am helping because I fell numerous times on that walk!

What good sports they were... going down to the river even though there was a ton of snow everywhere!

Dad does love his Grandpuppies!

All the rest of us have layers and snow pants/gloves/boots.... Chad.... he wears tennis shoes and his everyday work Jacket!

It started snowing while we where out walking off our Turkey and the snow flakes actually looked like the ones you cut out of paper in elementary school!!!

Mom even got into the spirit of making Snow Angels!
Then all the Snow melted just in time for Christmas.... So I still have not experienced a "White Christmas"...