Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I know it's been forever since my last post but my Dad keeps nagging me to update it. So the most recent thing that has happened with us is our dog Oaklee had 7 puppies on Sunday morning. There are 4 female and 3 males. They went to the vet this morning and they are all healthy. We had to bottle feed the runt for day day two because she was loading weight. She is finally latching onto mamma but she still needs encouragement. Our male dog Jasper is the daddy and he is still scared of them. When Oaklee was in labor Jasper hid in our bedroom. Even when we try to show him a puppy he runs away. He is our cowardly lion. This has definitely been fun but I'm exhausted. I can't imagine how tired I'm going to be when it's a little person to take care of instead of little puppies.
This Little Red, the Runt.
The only Salt &Pepper of the bunch
This is the second smallest. They are both all black and female.
Mamma is protecting her babies from us.
This is the fattest one of all! We call her fatty Patty, after one of her Mom's many nick names.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's been a LONG Time....

I've realized I'm not very good at updating our blog on a regular basis.  Sorry Dad!
So Here's a real quick update.

Jasper is getting so big! Chad has been so busy with school and work.  He is very excited that he will be done with class in 2 weeks and then He can finally have a break! I have been busy with work.  one of the departments I work for is going to be changing as of July 1st.  My boss basically told me there is talk of having everyone do there paperwork all electronically in a program that would calculate all the data and hours needed right then and there, which means pretty much eliminating all 85% of the work that I do.  She assured me that there will still be a job for me if I want it but it will be doing what everyone else is doing and I'm not sure that it's the best fit for me.  But we wont know until right before or on July 1st.  It's kind of annoying not knowing what's going to happen.

SO that's all the everyday life stuff... Now for the excitement!

April 30th we were in a car accident.  We were driving down the freeway and out of nowhere a tire is rolling straight towards us!!! From the time I saw it and the time of impact I had enough time to say "Oh my gosh Chad!" (I was completely surprised what clean language I used! :)
When I opened my eyes all I could see was white and I thought for sure I was in Heaven! Thanks to Chad that hope was dashed when He had enough sense to role down the window to let it all out and I realized the car was still driving forward.  Luckily Everyone saw what happened and Slowed down so we could get off to the side of the freeway.  A man that was behind us had gotten off the freeway and stopped to make sure we were all right and told us he saw the whole thing.
On the opposite side of the freeway an old suburban's front driver side tire came off, bounced over the center divider and landed in our lane to role and hit us.  I have no clue how the tire didn't hit anyone else or how no body even hit us!  We obviously are not finished here yet.
So As I am looking down the hood of My car it doesn't even look dented but multiple airbags deployed so we hit that tire head on at 60 mph. I'm pretty sure its more than dented.  When I got out of the car all I could do was cry...

It was totaled! :( My poor car!  We now have a 2008 Mazda 3 that is a cute little car. I mean it's no audi wagon but it'll do. :) Those pictures will have to come at a later date... so in like 6 months.
The only benefit to this whole thing is that both Chad and I get to have a massage 2-3 times a week!!!  As much fun as that is I have no Idea how long it will be before every little thing that I do makes my back hurt for 3 days afterwards.

Here are a couple of pictures of Jasper to see how much he has grown.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

New haircut!

Jasper finally got his first haircut and he looks sooo cute!

Do they look alike?

Look how Handsome he is!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We had a Baby! It's a Boy!!!

Just Kidding.... We didn't have a baby, besides if we did.... it would be either extremely premature or there was some scandalous business going on behind the scenes of our wedding planning.  However we did get a puppy for Christmas and that's basically like having a baby only a lot easier to feed and potty train.  So....

He is here!!! Join me in Welcoming Jasper to our family! 
3.03 ounces and 4 inches long

He loves to lay with his legs all stretched out.  Maybe he just likes to feel the carpet on his belly.

He just loves Moose!

Nanna Stacey loves her grandpuppy.

Best buds!

He Loves to play in the snow that was deeper than he was tall.

He fallows Moose's example and snuggled up on his Momma's lap.

Friday, December 31, 2010

A White Thanksgiving???

I Know I've been lacking in the blogging department you don't have to tell me.  So here they are! The long awaited pictures from my parent's visit to spokane for Thanksgiving!  Never in my life would I, or my Mother, ever dream of having a White Thanksgiving!
Oh Happy White Thanksgiving!  Mom has her eyes closed because she is thinking "Warm Thoughts"...

Chad and I were escorting Mom because She had already falling in the snow once that day.  Although I don't know why I am helping because I fell numerous times on that walk!

What good sports they were... going down to the river even though there was a ton of snow everywhere!

Dad does love his Grandpuppies!

All the rest of us have layers and snow pants/gloves/boots.... Chad.... he wears tennis shoes and his everyday work Jacket!

It started snowing while we where out walking off our Turkey and the snow flakes actually looked like the ones you cut out of paper in elementary school!!!

Mom even got into the spirit of making Snow Angels!
Then all the Snow melted just in time for Christmas.... So I still have not experienced a "White Christmas"...

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Let me tell you Just how well I'm adjusting to the climate differences...

Back home In sunny "beautiful" Taft California, we like to wait until at least October before it even starts to remotely resemble Fall.  We usually have at least 6 months of wonderful warm weather if not more.  So the difference up here in beautiful Spokane Washington is that their idea of warm weather is 3 weeks of somewhat warm fallowed by a cold spell and then maybe another couple of weeks of warm and then it's all downhill from there. When I woke up in the morning at the end of September to see beautiful clear blue skies with that great big wonderful Mr. Sunshine, but as I walk out the door and am hit by a blast of freezing cold air and the windshield to my car is frozen. It's very deceiving!!!  And of course everyone who knows me... to me ideal weather is 80 degrees outside and I usually wear a sweatshirt in the house because I don't like the AC to blow on me.  So in order to survive outside when it's 40 in October i've  made a game for the morning as I get ready for work. It's called, "How many sweaters can Katelyn wear under her coat."
It's the cold... makes you act a little... not normal.
I've discovered Wool socks!!! They are amazing!!! I only have 3 pair but I wish I had 7.... one for every day of the week!
We were just walking down the street.  I wish I had taken a picture of Chad because he was wearing shorts and a light sweatshirt!
To end our post I asked Chad if he would like to add anything and he says, "Nothing nice."  He is constantly reminding me that this isn't cold and that Just makes me think I don't own enough layers... :$

Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!

I know that my Dad keeps up on all of his kid's blogs while he is "hard" at work... So this one's for you Dad!

I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday!  I love you very much!  You have always been an example to me in my life.  All those times you would wake me early morning weekends saying, "you gonna sleep your life away?" and how you would loving chastised me when I did stupid things saying, "What's the matter with you?!"  People can always tell when you've spent time with Dad because you start using all those phrases I try very hard keep hidden like "whose-its" "Whats-its" and "business" (used to describe almost everything when you have a loss for the actual name of it).  I have sooo many fond memories thanks to you.  All the many place we saw on family vacation, wondering if the story you just told that I haven't heard is something that actually happened of if you made it up. Sitting on your lap with you in your chair while we watched Star Trek and having you ask me at every commercial, "Oh no! What's gonna happen Kate? What's gonna Happen?!" I appreciate you for teaching me to work hard and figure things out.  But Most of all Thank you for showing me how to strengthen my Testimony and relationship with Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. I can never fully express my gratefulness in all that you have done for me. Thanks Dad!!! I love you! I hope your birthday is wonderful!