Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's been a LONG Time....

I've realized I'm not very good at updating our blog on a regular basis.  Sorry Dad!
So Here's a real quick update.

Jasper is getting so big! Chad has been so busy with school and work.  He is very excited that he will be done with class in 2 weeks and then He can finally have a break! I have been busy with work.  one of the departments I work for is going to be changing as of July 1st.  My boss basically told me there is talk of having everyone do there paperwork all electronically in a program that would calculate all the data and hours needed right then and there, which means pretty much eliminating all 85% of the work that I do.  She assured me that there will still be a job for me if I want it but it will be doing what everyone else is doing and I'm not sure that it's the best fit for me.  But we wont know until right before or on July 1st.  It's kind of annoying not knowing what's going to happen.

SO that's all the everyday life stuff... Now for the excitement!

April 30th we were in a car accident.  We were driving down the freeway and out of nowhere a tire is rolling straight towards us!!! From the time I saw it and the time of impact I had enough time to say "Oh my gosh Chad!" (I was completely surprised what clean language I used! :)
When I opened my eyes all I could see was white and I thought for sure I was in Heaven! Thanks to Chad that hope was dashed when He had enough sense to role down the window to let it all out and I realized the car was still driving forward.  Luckily Everyone saw what happened and Slowed down so we could get off to the side of the freeway.  A man that was behind us had gotten off the freeway and stopped to make sure we were all right and told us he saw the whole thing.
On the opposite side of the freeway an old suburban's front driver side tire came off, bounced over the center divider and landed in our lane to role and hit us.  I have no clue how the tire didn't hit anyone else or how no body even hit us!  We obviously are not finished here yet.
So As I am looking down the hood of My car it doesn't even look dented but multiple airbags deployed so we hit that tire head on at 60 mph. I'm pretty sure its more than dented.  When I got out of the car all I could do was cry...

It was totaled! :( My poor car!  We now have a 2008 Mazda 3 that is a cute little car. I mean it's no audi wagon but it'll do. :) Those pictures will have to come at a later date... so in like 6 months.
The only benefit to this whole thing is that both Chad and I get to have a massage 2-3 times a week!!!  As much fun as that is I have no Idea how long it will be before every little thing that I do makes my back hurt for 3 days afterwards.

Here are a couple of pictures of Jasper to see how much he has grown.

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