Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We had a Baby! It's a Boy!!!

Just Kidding.... We didn't have a baby, besides if we did.... it would be either extremely premature or there was some scandalous business going on behind the scenes of our wedding planning.  However we did get a puppy for Christmas and that's basically like having a baby only a lot easier to feed and potty train.  So....

He is here!!! Join me in Welcoming Jasper to our family! 
3.03 ounces and 4 inches long

He loves to lay with his legs all stretched out.  Maybe he just likes to feel the carpet on his belly.

He just loves Moose!

Nanna Stacey loves her grandpuppy.

Best buds!

He Loves to play in the snow that was deeper than he was tall.

He fallows Moose's example and snuggled up on his Momma's lap.

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