Sunday, October 31, 2010

Let me tell you Just how well I'm adjusting to the climate differences...

Back home In sunny "beautiful" Taft California, we like to wait until at least October before it even starts to remotely resemble Fall.  We usually have at least 6 months of wonderful warm weather if not more.  So the difference up here in beautiful Spokane Washington is that their idea of warm weather is 3 weeks of somewhat warm fallowed by a cold spell and then maybe another couple of weeks of warm and then it's all downhill from there. When I woke up in the morning at the end of September to see beautiful clear blue skies with that great big wonderful Mr. Sunshine, but as I walk out the door and am hit by a blast of freezing cold air and the windshield to my car is frozen. It's very deceiving!!!  And of course everyone who knows me... to me ideal weather is 80 degrees outside and I usually wear a sweatshirt in the house because I don't like the AC to blow on me.  So in order to survive outside when it's 40 in October i've  made a game for the morning as I get ready for work. It's called, "How many sweaters can Katelyn wear under her coat."
It's the cold... makes you act a little... not normal.
I've discovered Wool socks!!! They are amazing!!! I only have 3 pair but I wish I had 7.... one for every day of the week!
We were just walking down the street.  I wish I had taken a picture of Chad because he was wearing shorts and a light sweatshirt!
To end our post I asked Chad if he would like to add anything and he says, "Nothing nice."  He is constantly reminding me that this isn't cold and that Just makes me think I don't own enough layers... :$


  1. oh my poor katelynd,(yes, I know I spelled her name wrong) I am feeling your pain. I am cold too, but not as cold as you. If you talk to that liz chic, tell her I said HI>>>

  2. yeah, you ain't seen cold yet! Wait til it's in the single digits! Then you'll think it's cold!