Friday, October 8, 2010

My Birthday Boys

My husband and my Father share the same birthday.  When Chad & I first started dating, I found out his birthday is October 9th. That's my Dad's too! He thought that this might earn him a few points with my Dad, Like they could have a special bond. So I told my Dad and he says,"Well get rid of him now... I don't want to share my birthday with anybody! It's Mine!"  Sorry Chad for him not wanting to share with you and sorry Dad for not wanting to get rid of him.  You'll just have to learn to share.

So Chad kinda planned his own birthday and today I was feeling like I didn't really want to share his birthday with people.  So I wanted Chad to open his presents a half day early.  Mostly because I bought him a new shirt and pants and I wanted him to wear them tomorrow for his little party.  Ok really it was I couldn't wait! I had wrapped them yesterday thinking today would be his birthday and I would only have to wait until the morning but it was still two days away!!!  I do what I want!!! That's why we opened them a Day early. :)
I let him open his water bottle the night before so he could take it with him to work.

Doesn't he look handsome? He later admitted that he didn't really like the shirt until he put it on and after a while he decided it was acceptable.

He is sooo good at acting up his surprise for my sake.

We better play it quick before Riley is off to the MTC!